Extreme Bullworker Training

Extreme Bullworker Training - the concept of extreme bullworker training can be applied to all variants of the Bullworker including clones such as the Steel Bow, Bully Xtreme and Iso7x. This is not a training program for someone who just wants to "tone up" it is EXTREME - it is meant to product outstanding results in as short a time space as possible. Bigger, stronger, more powerful lean muscles.


The Bullworker

The Bullworker is one of the few meaningful brands in the field of muscle building. At this point we do need to make clear that we fully acknowledge any or all trademarks and the terms used are purely to assist with identification. Virtually all of the top physiques of a certain area have tried or used the bullworker at some stage although many moved away from the product due, not in small part, to the instructions that came with both the original and current variants of the product as they have all failed to appreciate what muscle really need to grow. For training programs recommended by the manufacturers check out our bullworker training chart. Part of the reason for the development of this site is in Bullworker terms to "go where no man has gone before" and address the outer limits of the product exploring extreme training programs aimed at getting extreme results. We will also look at the products in terms of rehabilitation and weight loss but in the main the focus of this site is on pure natural muscle building but at a level way beyond the originally envisaged scope of the product.




EXTREME MUSCLE BUILDING - only for adults 21+ who want to add large amounts of muscle and burn excess body fat.

The Bullworker was invented by Gert F Kolbel in the 1960's when he adapted an original patent belonging to Arthur A Pons. The Bullworker is probably the most successful piece of home gym equipment sold via mail order and joins the likes of Charles Atlas as being a true pioneer in the world of muscle building alongside Eugene Sandow, Arthur Jones, John Little and Joe Weider.

Bullworkers - All trademarks recognised and acknowledged & are used only for purposes of description.

The Bullworker - the ultimate portable home gym