Bullworker Muscle Building

Bullworker Muscle Building - building muscle is of course one of the primary aims of the original Bullworker and subsequent variants. The muscle building principle behind the bullworker was isometrics. A similar principal, but without the machine was touted successfully for many years by Charles Atlas whose mail order course was the best selling mail order muscle building course in the world. Why? Because it worked, it was simple, effective and you could practice many of the exercises anywhere - while you wait in line for a for theatre tickets, while you are standing watching your kids play or while waiting for a meal to cook.

The basic principle of isometric exercise was discovered back in the 1920s, when scientists found that when one leg of a frog was tied down over a period of time, it grew significantly stronger than the other leg. In 1953 the principle was enhanced by two German doctors who interpreted the implications of this experiment and applied them to the human body. Traditional muscle building exercise is "isotonic" and "builds" through movement. Isometric exercise, on the other hand, does not move the muscle at all, with exercises being performed against immovable objects. With isotonic exercise you typically stimulate 50-60% of the muscle whereas with isometrics, properly performed, you stimulate 100%, which in simple terms means GROWTH. The U.S. Navy has endorsed isometric exercises, and its magazine, All Hands, has published a series of nine isometrics that it calls "ideal for Navymen whose duties on location restrict their ability to engage in athletics."

All over the world professional sports men and women have used isometrics in order to enhance their physiques. The Green Bay Packers in 1961 and 1962 used isometrics, and some credit the exercises for their brilliant seasons in those years after which other teams caught on and caught up. Legendary Olympic Weight Lifting Coach Bob Hoffman said "It's the greatest thing the world has ever seen, I am absolutely awestruck at the miracles it has wrought." Hoffman claims that he was the first to make isometric exercising devices.

We are not sure which machines Hoffman devised but unquestionably the most popular, and the one that has produced the best results is the bullworker.


The Bullworker allows isometrics to be performed in a more advanced fashion and allows the user to exercise muscles from a variety of angles and in a way that pure isometrics cannot match. If you want to build muscle quickly in the comfort of your own home, without the expense of going to the gym, and in a much faster way than traditional weight training then you NEED a bullworker!


The inventor of the Bullworker has since gone on to develop several new pieces of equipment such as:






EXTREME MUSCLE BUILDING - only for adults 21+ who want to add large amounts of muscle and burn excess body fat.

The Bullworker was invented by Gert F Kolbel in the 1960's when he adapted an original patent belonging to Arthur A Pons. The Bullworker is probably the most successful piece of home gym equipment sold via mail order and joins the likes of Charles Atlas as being a true pioneer in the world of muscle building alongside Eugene Sandow, Arthur Jones, John Little and Joe Weider.

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The Bullworker - the ultimate portable home gym